Reashoring® - this unique eSense service brings previously offshored jobs back to the American soil or reallocate them offshore while bringing the control of those jobs back from a foreign company to an American company i.e. eSense. Our offshore capabilities include an efficient, productive and cost-effective pool of world-class highly qualified professionals with US experience to meet our clients'business and technology needs with the highest quality. specifically customized for our individual clients. You’ll get more for less without sacrificing quality of work or your jobs.

We offer a viable, cost-effective yet world-class quality option to our clients to meet their business technology needs in the form of our highly qualified IT professionals in India with US experience. We help our clients to achieve the optimal ratio of on-site to offshore resources by balancing project needs, cost constraints, on-site offshore capabilities and organizational goals. We can deploy a small team on-site that works with the client managers and teams, and coordinates work with our offshore team that does a majority of the development work.

Depending on the mix of your onsite/offsite/offshore resources, we work with you to implement a customized and flexible solution of onsite/offsite/reashored resources to efficiently and cost-effectively perform your routine IT activities and/or project-based activities such as the ones listed below:

  • Programming/Coding Software
  • Software Design
  • Testing
  • Technical Writing
  • Document Management
  • Database Maintenance and Performance Tuning
  • Website and Graphics Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Analytics and Reporting
  • Production Support